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  1. anti rape dress

    Anti-Rape Dress

    3D Printed Exoskeleton Robot Spider Dress

    cigarmann | 7 hours ago35 posts5388 views+16
  2. meanwhile in germany00:38

    Meanwhile in Germany....

    Having some fun.

    cigarmann | 3 hours ago10 posts1427 views+9
  3. crazy collections

    Crazy Collections

    People and the bizarre things they collect

    JollyRogArrh | 1 day ago67 posts15949 views+49 -2
  4. guy almost breaks his neck trying to do a backflip

    Guy ALMOST Breaks his Neck Trying to do a Backflip

    I just believe he didn't get paralyzed for life, because he moved his arm at the end...

    JollyRogArrh | 2 days ago13 posts6034 views+24 -1
  5. 200 car collision on icy michigan highway

    200 Car Collision On Icy Michigan Highway

    Cars and trucks collide in a massive, chain-reaction crash on an icy Michigan highway.

    JollyRogArrh | 2 days ago33 posts6272 views+27 -1
  6. family balloon game

    Family Balloon Game

    Redneck family fun

    JollyRogArrh | 2 days ago28 posts7314 views+26 -1
  7. wounderland


    Surreal world of imagination, nightmares and taxidermy.....

    Cigarmann | 2 days ago26 posts12726 views+40 -2
  8. Visiting NY - need shit to do?

    Suggest non touristy shit to do?

    GlitterAndTrauma | 2 days ago61 posts4796 views+15 -1
  9. shallow reason couples broke up

    Shallow Reasons Couples Broke Up

    ....most seem reasonable......

    Cigarmann | 2 days ago63 posts15129 views+52 -1
  10. funny pics

    Funny pics

    Funny grafitti and real adds

    Morana | 7 years ago40 posts41851 views+63 -1
  11. A Muslim Follow Up

    Debate among muslims over interpreting faith.

    zebtilton | 2 days ago90 posts4529 views+18 -1
  12. some of the best banned commercials of 2014

    Some Of The Best Banned Commercials Of 2014

    Well, that Mastercard one was a parody, but alright Some Of The Best Banned Commercials Of 2014 Well, that Master...

    Cigarmann | 2 weeks ago20 posts17794 views+42 -1
  13. teenage sluts

    Teenage Sluts

    Meh why not

    cameldreams | 3 years ago181 posts91145 views+140 -5
  14. tranny punishment01:28

    Tranny Punishment

    Dude pops shit at tranny in the subway & gets manhandled!

    SourKiss | 3 years ago46 posts22068 views+59 -2
  15. lowered expectations

    Lowered Expectations

    Not E-Harmony aproved

    Jfritz | 4 years ago61 posts46842 views+148 -21
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